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Open Architecture – Overview


Open Architecture

WVP E has a Data-Driven architecture. Its framework is based on a sophisticated algorithm which enables it to discover new metrics, be it Statistics or State data. WVP E’s major features will then automatically incorporate the data into their algorithms. For instance, metrics from an application (e.g., Gravic Shadowbase™ Base-24™, Connex™) may be:

  • Displayed on Dashboard, along with other system/application metrics.
  • Monitored automatically for thresholds, using WVP E’s Alert feature, where you can:
    • Create multiple Alert conditions with different criteria.
    • Enable automated recovery actions when thresholds are exceeded.
    • Forward exceptions to colleagues (email/text) or to Enterprise monitors (e.g., Syslog™, Splunk™).
  • Forwarded off platform (e.g., Local/Remote Analyst) for comprehensive analytics.

Open-source Foundation




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