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How can I Learn Pathways?


Managing Pathways

  • Head over to Admin -> Pathways. To manage a Pathway, Web ViewPoint E needs to know/learn details of running Pathways, and store names of all its entities for all Objects (TERM, TCP, & SERVER). This process needs to be done once. In addition, Sync option is provided so that when necessary to synchronize the database with the current state of operation (e.g., remove information for a Pathway that no longer exists).
  • At first, the right part of the window will be blank with an Add button on the top right corner.

Learning a Pathway

  • Clicking on the Add button displays the list of all available pathways on NonStop (parameter on NonStop is used to set Pathmons to consider). Select all the Pathways you want to manage, and enter the name of Obey files to Cold Start, Cool Start, or Shutdown each Pathway. There is one row of fields per selected Pathway. This information is optional but is needed if you want to use Web ViewPoint E to start or shutdown a Pathway.

         Note: All file name entries should be fully qualified with volume and sub-volume names.

  • Click on the Save button to initiate the Learning process. When done, names of the newly learned Pathways will appear on the summary screen.


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