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How can I check my Disk Trending?

  • Navigate to Analyses -> Storage.
  • Disks section at the bottom displays the following information per Disk drive (Physical), as of the selected date:
    • Size GB. Size in Gigabyte
    • % Used. Percent used
  • Disk Trending
    • Delta MB. Variation in MB used spaced when compared to the prior date.
    • New MB/. In Megabyte total size of the files newly created on that date.
    • Days to 90%. Based on past 30-day history, days before this Disk reaches 90% of its capacity.
    • Days to 100%. Based on past 30-day history, days before this Disk reaches its full capacity.

You may click on a Volume name displayed on the table, to open a new window which displays the breakdown of all files on that disk, per Subvolume. Click on a Subvolume on that window, to open a new window and see a list of current files in that Subvolume. Click on a filename on that window to select and carry out simple file commands. 

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