This section describes the steps to setup user access control

  • Logon to Web ViewPoint Enterprise, navigate to ‘Admin – Users’ section
  • Add users and grant them permissions (Performance, EMS, Operations or Admin) by un-selecting the sections that you do not want them to access (by default all permissions are selected) or by leaving all buttons selected and giving complete access to WVP Enterprise features.

Note: Add the main user (one who controls all administrative operations of WVP Enterprise) and give all permissions to that user.

  • Go to your Web ViewPoint Enterprise subvolume and create a new edit file “USERPERM”
  • To enforce the security, edit the USERPERM file and type Y (i.e. Y for yes)
  • And run below command
  • If you want to disable this enforce security feature then edit the “USERPERM” file and type N (N for No) and rerun the ‘FUP COPY USERPERM, USETTING’ command