Items on the toolbar are available regardless of which screen is displayed.

They are:

  • Progress bar. Green and rotating if connection is active.  Red and static, if there is a disruption.  When red, click to see more details.
  • Duplicate window icon – Acts as a Window duplication – Click to open the screen currently in view, on a new window. Use when wanting to see multiple windows, side by side.
  • Quick access Drop boxes – This is shown if you elect to see it in User Settings. It enables you to quickly access different features and Servers.
  • Log and Browser Icon – This supports legacy environments when application events were using VHS (Virtual Home Server). Click of the icon give you option to open a Window for each.  More detail on how they work can be found here.
  • Help – Opens this content, but points to the section relevant to the screen currently displayed.
  • Profile icon – Click for the following:
    • Displays current Guardian Group.User ID/Name or Alias.
    • Settings:
      • Preferences:
        • Choose the initial Server and feature to be displayed when you first log in.
        • Choose whether to see the Quick Navigation dropdown boxes on the top toolbar. Also choose whether a new selection from that toolbox should open in a new Window.
      • Change Password – Select a Server and follow the prompts to change the current password. By default, this option Is disabled. Users will need to enable the option in the host.txt file. See PARAMs section for more information.