Thresholds can be defined on how the alerts can be viewed. You can set the numeric value for Warning/Critical sections by selecting each entity on the left-hand side and using the slider to change the values. These values will determine the trigger for these thresholds.

You may to activate or deactivate thresholds for specific or all objects. Upon deactivation or setting the object(s) to NO, no warning or critical alerts will be displayed on the screen even if the thresholds are breached. If activated or set to YES, based on the threshold conditions appropriate warning and critical alerts will be displayed on screen (bell icons, colors and numbers next to NonStop Server name)

Following Objects and Metrics are available:

Object Metrics
CPU % Busy – Queue Length – Memory
IPU % Busy – Queue Length
Disk % Busy – Queue Length
Process % Busy – Receive Queue – Memory used (MB)
CLIM % Busy – % Mem used
Network Total Sent – Total Received
TMF % Abort