System Review covers essential Measure metrics. See here on how to navigate the screen.

Entities & Counters available are:

  • CPU
    • Busy – % CPU busy; this is the average of % Busy of all IPUs per CPU
    • Queue – Queue length
    • Memory – GB memory used
    • DP2 – % of CPU busy used by DP2/Disk processes
  • IPU
    • Busy – % IPU busy
    • Queue – Queue length
  • Process
    • Busy – % Busy of busiest Process per CPU
    • Memory – highest memory consumer Process per CPU
    • Trans
  • Disk
    • IO – Total Disk IO, and the Disk with the highest IO, both per second
    • Queue – Total Queue length of all Disks, and the disk with the highest Queue
    • Cache – Average Cache hit rate of all Disks, and the disk with the lowest rate
    • DP2 – Average DP2 busy of all Disks, and the disk with the highest DP2 Busy

Metrics are displayed per collected interval, at 24-hour scope, and hourly at weekly and monthly scopes.

In many instances, monthly and weekly scopes offer the option to choose from average or peak values.  Note that while this screen is kept open, and display scope is at interval level, its content is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

Any of the displayed items on the graph may be clicked to link to more details and related content.