You choose what should be displayed on a Panel, by clicking on the setting icon the toolbar.  This opens a new Window showing how the Dashboard for the selected NonStop Server is organized.

You may:

  • Add rows – From the list box, select the number of rows to be displayed.
  • Move a Panel – Click and hold on the  icon to move and reposition a panel within a row.
  • Select metrics and Display format. Click on the  icon to select the metrics to displayed. This is described in more detail in Selecting metrics.
  • Remove a Panel – click on  icon to remove a Panel from a row.
  • Add a panel to a row – Click on the icon to add a new Panel to a Row.

Reset discards all the changes made before saving them. Once the settings are changes and saved to your desired settings, Reset will not switch it to the default.

By default, the dashboard layout is a 2-row, 6 entity setting with a display of both Live & Trend graphs. The changes you make here and save, are associated with your Guardian user ID, for future logons.