Web ViewPoint E displays the results of an executed command on an Object’s entities, on the browser Windows right panel.

You may click on the refresh icon  on the toolbar to execute the same command again for the same entities.

To issue a new command on the same entities, click on the command icon  on the toolbar.  This shows a list of all available commands for the selected object.  Simply select a command from the list.

There is also a checkbox displayed to the left of each entity name in the displayed results.  You may select any one or more entities by checking their checkbox.  If you now click on either the refresh or command icon  , the new command only applies to the selected entities.  Note that for some results (e.g. list of ASSIGNs for SERVER Classes) entity name may be repeated for multiple rows.  You only need to select one row.  Web ViewPoint E treats multiple selections of the same entity as one.