Remote Analyst can keep an eye out on Processes running on your Server, and send our alerts, if and when your requirements are not met.

List of previously defined settings are listed on the right panel.

To Edit or Delete a setting, click on the appropriate Button on its row.

To add a new setting, click on the Add Button above the list and on top right.

On the new Window:

  • Alert Name: Give your Alert setting a name.
  • Program File: Enter a Program name, whose Processes you want monitored.
  • Runs on: Select weekdays. All weekdays are selected by default.
  • Recipient(s): Select one or more Recipients who should be notified if alert conditions are met.
  • No Process starts by: Set hour/minute time threshold if no processes of this program are running.
  • All Processes do not stop by: Set hour/minute time threshold where you want no processes of this program running.
  • More than ..: Set maximum number of Processes of this program which should be active simultaneously. This applies to the time period set earlier.
  • CPU Balance: Set a value for where any process I out of balance, when compared to other Processes of the same program.
  • Abort % – If Processes perform TMF transactions, set a threshold for % of transactions aborted (per collected interval).