Web ViewPoint Pathway Plug-in is a thin web-based product for the monitoring and management of Pathway applications from Web Viewpoint. This is a plug-in product to Web ViewPoint, and therefore requires that Web ViewPoint be installed and operational prior to attempting an install and activation of the plug-in.

Web ViewPoint Pathway’s key features are:

• Point and click smart management methods
• Object oriented operation management
• Automatic management of resources and alert conditions
• Automated & central operation
• Parallel startup & shutdown

These features translate to the following key benefits:

• Significantly reduces time to select and execute commands
• Improves operator productivity through use of smart commands
• Reduces operator training requirements
• Allows for automated monitoring and management of applications
• Sends out automatic notifications upon reaching customizable alert conditions
• Significantly reduces scheduled down-times through parallel startup & shutdown of multiple Pathway applications

Access to Pathways and objects are organized in a simple and dynamic tree structure. You would select a node to see a list of Pathways; select a Pathway to expose its objects and select an Object to issue a command. Web ViewPoint Pathway knows the steps required to take an Entity from one state to another.
Let’s assume you were to issue a RESTART command on multiple SERVER Classes. Web ViewPoint Pathway examines the current state of each SERVER Class on your selected list. It then issues the proper sequence of commands (e.g. FREEZE, STOP, STATUS, THAW, START, STATUS) to take each entity to the stopped state & back to a running state. This not only reduces the required time to complete the task but eliminates the need to have knowledge of sequence and syntax of the required commands, and also ensures that the final state is reached for each entity.

Web ViewPoint Pathway’s Auto-Manage feature is obsolete starting from H01AAO-L01AAP version onwards.