File Name Code RWEP Description
BAMCOPY 800/500 NUNU Tool to copy BAM, BAMD information from AAF to AAH and onwards
DISKCTLR 800/500 NUNU Collects the storage information (Remote Anlayst)
DOQNM 800/500 NUNU Main program file for configuration and installation of RA and PMC collector on NonStop
EMSLINK 800/500 NUNU EMS Reader alternative Program
EMSMON 800/500 NUNU Monitors EMS messages and takes actions based on subscriptions
EVTCXIM 800/500 NUNU Tool to copy EVENTCX information into the BAM database.
IPCOPY 800/500 NUNU To populate the Neighborhood information from the IPLISTTX file
LISTAPP 800/500 NUNU Listener program for the webserver
MEASHUB 800/500 NUNU Manages the processing of Measure files
MEASPCSR 800/500 NUNU Converts the Measure file to UMM files
MSCHDLR 800/500 NUNU Interacts with Measure to schedule collections
PROCMAN 800/500 NUNU Process Manager of the webserver
PWYCLTR 800/500 NUNU Collects Pathway information (Remote Analyst)
PWYPCSR 800/500 NUNU Processes Pathway information (Remote Analyst)
RASNAP 800/500 NUNU Main program file for SNAP program for RA
SETUPWVP 800/500 NUNU Configuration and installation of Web ViewPoint on NonStop.
SETUPRA 800/500 NUNU Configuration and installation of RA collector on NonStop.
SSIDPOP 800/500 NUNU Utility program used to populate the WVP’s SSIDDB table with all the SSID info defined on the NonStop system. See SSIDPOP for run instructions
SYNC 800/500 NUNU Tool to manage neighborhood post installation
UFTPCFU 800/500 NUNU Configures the UMPFTP settings
UMPCLIM 800/500 NUNU Manages the collection of CLIM data
UMPCMON 800/500 NUNU Monitors and ensures that there are correct number of UMPMEAS instances running
UMPCOL8 800/500 NUNU Aggregator and reporter of Meaure data
UMPFTP 800/500 NUNU File transfer program
UMPGATE 800/500 NUNU Worker process for the webserver (Remote Analyst)
UMPHUB 800/500 NUNU Manages the collection and processing of UMP jobs
UMPMAID 800/500 NUNU Cleans up files and records based on retention parameters
UMPMEAS 800/500 NUNU Measure data collector program that runs on each CPU to gather statistics
UMPNTS 800/500 NUNU Sends NTS site progress status messages (Remote Analyst)
UMPPAK 800/500 NUNU Web ViewPoint Pak file
UMPPICK 800/500 NUNU Waits for Measure files to process (Remote Analyst)
UMPQNM 800/500 NUNU Manages the collection of QNM data
UMPSNMP 800/500 NUNU SNMP Trap Sender
UMPULOAD 800/500 NUNU Upload files to FTP server.
WVPEVTS 800/500 NUNU PAK-ed program containing the BAM, BAMD and UCARRIER files
WVPTMPAK 800/500 NUNU PAK-ed program containing the WVP EMS template file.
SAMGR 800/500 NUNU Storage analyzer Host Module.
SAPROC 800/500 NUNU Storage analyzer Sub Host Module.
SAWFRAG 800/500 NUNU Storage analyzer Fragmentation Module.
SAGETF 800/500 NUNU Storage analyzer Client Fragmentation Module.
EACOLL 800/500 NUNU Event analyzer Host Module.