File Name Code RWEP Description
BAMCOPY 800/500 NUNU Tool to copy BAM, BAMD information from AAF to AAH and onwards
DISKCTLR 800/500 NUNU Collects the storage information (Remote Anlayst)
DOQNM 800/500 NUNU Main program file for configuration and installation of RA and PMC collector on NonStop
EMSLINK 800/500 NUNU EVTCXIM is a console utility to import EVENTCX information to BAM
FINFLIB/FINFO 800/500 NUNU AAAA Privileged code files required to display list of files opened by a process
EVTCXIM 800/500 NUNU Tool to copy EVENTCX information into the BAM database.
IPCOPY 800/500 NUNU To populate the Neighborhood information from the IPLISTTX file
LISTAPP 800/500 NUNU Listener program for the webserver
MEASHUB 800/500 NUNU Manages the processing of Measure files
MEASPCSR 800/500 NUNU Converts the Measure file to UMM files
MSCHDLR 800/500 NUNU Interacts with Measure to schedule collections
PROCMAN 800/500 NUNU Process Manager of the webserver
PWYCLTR 800/500 NUNU Collects Pathway information (Remote Analyst)
PWYPCSR 800/500 NUNU Processes Pathway information (Remote Analyst)
RASNAP 800/500 NUNU Main program file for SNAP program for RA
SAHRLY 800/500 NUNU Calculate the storages
SETUPWVP 800/500 NUNU Configuration and installation of Web ViewPoint on NonStop.
SETUPRA 800/500 NUNU Configuration and installation of RA collector on NonStop.
SNMPOSS 1729 NUNU SNMP agent receives messages from notification component of WVP and sends out corresponding SNMP traps to the SNMP receiver
SSIDPOP 800/500 NUNU Utility program used to populate the WVP’s SSIDDB table with all the SSID info defined on the NonStop system. See SSIDPOP for run instructions
SYNC 800/500 NUNU Tool to manage neighborhood post installation
TMFMEAS 800/500 NUNU Interacts with SCF subsystem to gather TMF related information
UFTPCFU 800/500 NUNU Configures the UMPFTP settings
UMPCLIM 800/500 NUNU Manages the collection of CLIM data
UMPCMON 800/500 NUNU Monitors and ensures that there are correct number of UMPMEAS instances running
UMPCOL8 800/500 NUNU Aggregator and reporter of Measure data
UMPFTP 800/500 NUNU File transfer program
UMPGATE 800/500 NUNU Worker process for the webserver (Remote Analyst)
UMPHUB 800/500 NUNU Manages the collection and processing of UMP jobs
UMPMAID 800/500 NUNU Cleans up files and records based on retention parameters
UMPMEAS 800/500 NUNU Measure data collector program that runs on each CPU to gather statistics
UMPNTS 800/500 NUNU Sends NTS site progress status messages (Remote Analyst)
UMPPAK 800/500 NUNU Web ViewPoint Pak file
UMPPICK 800/500 NUNU Waits for Measure files to process (Remote Analyst)
UMPQNM 800/500 NUNU Manages the collection of QNM data
UMPSNMP 800/500 NUNU SNMP Trap Sender
UMPULOAD 800/500 NUNU Upload files to FTP server.
WPATEVTS 800/500 NUNU PAK-ed program containing BAM, BAMD for Pathway
WVPEVTS 800/500 NUNU PAK-ed program containing the BAM, BAMD and UCARRIER files
WVPTMPAK 800/500 NUNU PAK-ed program containing the WVP EMS template file.
SAMGR 800/500 NUNU Storage analyzer Host Module.
SAPROC 800/500 NUNU Storage analyzer Sub Host Module.
SAWFRAG 800/500 NUNU Storage analyzer Fragmentation Module.
SAGETF 800/500 NUNU Storage analyzer Client Fragmentation Module.
EACOLL 800/500 NUNU Event analyzer Host Module.
UMONITOR 800/500 NUNU Collects the alert information
USUMVIEW 800/500 NUNU Manages the ticker settings
UMPSKYI 800/500 NUNU Monitors EMS messages and takes action based on subscriptions
UCLMEAS 800/500 NUNU Collects the CLIM data
UMPDRNE 800/500 NUNU Monitors the delivery based on subscriptions