This is where you can see what Application.Versions are Active/running on your NonStop Servers, and perform the following management functions:

  1. Activate – When definition for a new Application.Version are installed (See XView Shop), it is first placed in an Inactive mode. If so, you are given the option (see displayed buttons below) to Edit to customize it to meet your requirements, and 2. Activate it.   Note that Activate option is not available, if a different version of the same application is already in Active mode.
  2. Deactivate – If a version is Active, you may Deactivate it. This enables you to perform the following functions:
    1. Edit
    2. Activate
    3. Delete
  3. Start – You may start a Version that is Active. This starts the process of collecting metrics from the associated XBroker and forwards it to WVP Enterprise.


Note that where Applicable the Broker and Collector state (your App’s collector) status are displayed.