This is the first screen displayed when you connect to the port where your Web ViewPoint Enterprise is installed.  Note:

  • Software version number/code is displayed to the right of the WVP Enterprise logo.
  • Name of the NonStop Server you are connected is displayed to the right, and above the Group.User id field.
  • To logon:
    • Enter either your Guardian Group.User id/name, or Alias on the top field. “Remember me” checkbox will remember your user credentials (except password) for future.
    • Enter your password in the second field and click on the right arrow button or hit either Enter or Return key.
  • Note: If you are connected to a Neighborhood (Cluster of NonStop Servers, each running Web ViewPoint Enterprise), you can click on the Neighborhood/Globe icon (below the Password field) to select the Servers you want to connect to. You also have the option to choose Whether you want the same password to be used for all Servers, or you should be prompted for each node. Same Guardian Group.User will be used across the neighborhood.  To use the same password on all Servers, check the “Single Sign on” box.