Web View Point Pathway can be installed using DSM/SCM tool or can be installed manually also.

  1. For DSM/SCM, use the IPSETUP.exe program to upload the files from the CD / PC to the NonStop server. Follow the screens on the Wizard and provide the necessary information as prompted. Once the IPSETUP program completes ensure that the files listed below have been transferred in the correct format and the file codes are correct.
  1. Following are the steps needed to install Web ViewPoint Pathway Manually:
  • README.TXT – File containing product and basic installation information.
  • SETPATH – Configuration and installation of Web ViewPoint on NonStop.
  • PATHPAK – Web ViewPoint Pathway PAK file containing all required files.
  • WPWY.tar – Tar file containing Pathway OSS files (For plugging into Web ViewPoint)
  • WPPWY.tar – Tar file containing Pathway OSS files (For plugging into Web ViewPoint Plus)


Installation Steps: 

Note: Web ViewPoint or Web ViewPoint Plus instance to which you want to integrate this plugin must be stopped before installing this product.

The installation requires you to have access to both Guardian and OSS side on your NonStop. Files need to be installed on both the sides.

Guardian Side:

  1. FTP the following files to your Web ViewPoint subvolume.

(Note: These files need to be transferred to the WVP $volume.subvolume to which you want to integrate this plugin)

The following files have to be transferred in ‘BINARY’ Mode

  1. Run the setup file ‘SETPATH’ (read the following instructions first)
  • It prompts user to specify the parameters you want to use for Web ViewPoint Pathway

  1. Refresh Process Name: This is the process name of the Refresh Program (WVPPREF). This process starts alongside Web ViewPoint Pathway and will be a part of STARTWVP/STARTPLS. It runs in the background to Relearn the Pathway environments once a day by default.

By default, $REF is set as the Refresh process name, to change the default parameter follow the below step:

  • Input number 1 and enter, input desired Refresh Process name and enter.
  1. Install: Input number 2 and enter to install Pathway Plugin as shown below

OSS Side:

  1. Goto your Web ViewPoint/Web ViewPoint Plus installation subvolume
  2. Open the UGATCONF to see the OSS location
    (example: PARAM WEBLOCATION /usr/tandem/wvp)
  3. Now switch to the OSS side and goto the OSS location specified in UGATCONF
    Example: cd /usr/tandem/wvp
  4. Transfer the tar file (which was sent as a part of install package) to the wvp folder\
  5. Extract the contents of the tar file by running the below command:
    tar -o -xvf wpwy.tar (For Web ViewPoint)
    tar -o -xvf wppwy.tar (For Web ViewPoint Plus)
  6. Go to the Guradian side and start Web ViewPoint and Web ViewPoint Plus.
  7. To access Web ViewPoint Pathway, open our browser, enter the IP address and Port on which Web ViewPoint is running (the plug-in functions can be accessed under the ‘Admin’ menu item) Example:


Uninstall Web ViewPoint Pathway Plugin:

Procedure: Web ViewPoint Pathway can be uninstalled by running RMVPATH from the installation sub volume.

It removes WVPPWY from Web ViewPoint by updating the STARTWVP/STARTPLS and STOPWVP/STOPPLS files.

The following steps need to be followed:

  1. Stop Web ViewPoint/ Web ViewPoint Plus, if already running
    • Set your working volume to $system.zwvps (or to $volume.sub volume where you have installed Web ViewPoint)
    • Issue ‘Obey STOPWVP’ or ‘OBEY STOPPLS’
  2. Run the Uninstallation program, UINSTALL
    • Issue ‘RUN RMVPATH’

Figure showing the uninstall of Web ViewPoint Pathway.

3. Web ViewPoint can be started up after the plug-in is removed by running