Shows a graphical display of history of a selected File.  It represents IO rate at each interval, separating Read and Write read totals (rated) by all processes which had it open at that interval.  Number of openers is also reflected on the graph.

A selected interval is highlighted on the graph with an X indicator.  You may click on any point on the graph to change the selected interval.  Use the slide bar area below the graph to move back and forth in time and expand or contract your view.  A list below the grid shows the list of Processes which had it open and that time, along with the following information:

  • Process: Click on the Process name to see Process detail and history.
  • Program: Click on the Program name to see a list of Processes running during that interval.
  • CPU/PIN: CPU and Process Id Number where the Process was running.
  • Reads/Sec: Reads per second against the selected File.
  • Writes/Sec: Writes per second against the selected File.
  • Opens: Number of Opens by the Process against this File.
  • Lock Wait: Number of times the Process had to wait for IO against this file due to record locks.
  • Total Reads: Total reads for the selected period.
  • Total Writes: Total Writes for the selected period.

More identifying and self-explanatory data are displayed on the left panel of this Window.