This is where you can see system activities which were outside the norm. 

Over time, Remote Analyst learns about your system’s behavior.  It knows what should be expected for different times of different days & weekdays.  It also takes to consideration, your specific instructions for different weekdays, hours, and how sensitive it should be.  For more on this, see Admin – Workdays.

Exceptions are shown for CPU, IPU, and Disk activities, as well as Disk storage levels.

For each, Remote Analyst displays the hour of the day when an exception occurred, what was expected, and what the actual value was.  Color coding, yellow and red (minor and major), signify how far off expectation they were.  This is based on the value you set for that Server in Thresholds of Admin – Workdays. You have customized the sensitivity factors, for different categories (business, batch, other).  What this means, is that Remote Analyst not only looks at System’s behavior, but also pays attention to your custom settings, before it identifies activity levels as exceptions, norm, or within expectations.


Date controls on the toolbar allow you to check for expectations on different days.

Each Exception note also comes with a hyperlink to more detail!