The Events feature allows the user to view EMS messages both in live and historical view of a single node or multiple resident(s).

User controls the type and scope of the messages that are displayed based on a set of criteria the user define in the Events window. The Settings window is the first screen that is displayed when user accesses the Events menu.

Toggle navigation accordion menu by clicking on the titles to expose available features, described below:

  • Profile – By default, no profiles are populated. On selecting an available profile, the Events screen is populated with the values specified in the profiles.
    • Profiles – Clicking on the Profiles button will expose Save, Save as Profile and Other Profiles.
      • Save – The Events Settings on the current screen are stored on to the NonStop using the supplied user name.
      • Save as Profile – Added/updated by specifying the profile name in the “Save Profile as:” textbox and clicking on the “Save” button.
      • Other Profiles – Select the profile to delete and press the “Delete” button.
  • Source / Time – The user can specify one or more collector(s) by default $0 is selected. The user can move collector from available to selected by Double clicking on a collector to move them in the the selected collector box.
    • Collectors (s) – You may specify one or more Collector processes (maximum of 10) to retrieve messages from. These Collectors can be on one or more NonStop Servers of an Expand network. A list of Collectors on the current node (the NonStop Server to which Web ViewPoint Enterprise directly communicates with) is displayed to the left side of this area. To select a Collector from this list, simply double click on its name. This will add your selection to those already in the input box.
    • File – Select an EMS log file for Web ViewPoint Enterprise to read Events from. Only one log file may be entered. Select volume, sub-volume and the name of the file. The file drop down exposes a list of log files (predetermined based on file code: 843), if any.

                    Note: Starting from H01ABO-L01ABP onwards, users can only read from log files for nodes which have valid Web ViewPoint license.
                    Example: User has Web ViewPoint licensed for NODE1 and no Web ViewPoint license for NODE2. If the user copies over the EMS log files from NODE2 to NODE1 and tries to read the logs it won’t display any events. This is because NODE2 has no valid WVP license.

        Applicable for Web ViewPoint Enterprise users ONLY: If there are multiple nodes configured in a neighborhood, user can select a logfile from each node.  Multiple logfiles from the same node cannot be selected at once.

  • From – Toggle button (Now/Then)
    • Now – Event will start from current time onward.
    • Then – Select a from and to time to get events going forward or backward in time.
  • Filter – In this section you can set conditions for the type of messages to be displayed.
    • File – Select the name of the EMS Filter files.
      Applicable for Web ViewPoint Enterprise users ONLY: If there are multiple nodes configured in a neighborhood, user can select a filter file from each node.  Multiple filter files from the same node cannot be selected at once.
    • Pass– Toggle button (Yes/No). A Yes displays only the Events that meet/pass the criteria. A No displays only those that fail to meet the criteria.
    • Event – Select Node, Owner and one or more Subsystems (click on their name on the list).
    • Only -Select CPU #, type Goup.User / Alias, (e.g. super.super), pin and event #
    • String – This is where you may enter a string of characters which Web ViewPoint Enterprise should match in the text of each message.
      Note: The following characters are not allowed in the search string ‘: / ?& =’
    • Case Sensitive – Toggle button (Yes/No). User can also elect whether the match logic should be case sensitive.
    • Exclude – Toggle button (Yes/No). User can Exclude Event, Only and String fields
    • Type – Select one or all from the selection, Critical, Action or Others.
    • Acked By (Applicable for WebViewPoint Enterprise only): Filters the events Acked by a specific Group.User.
  • Display – Here the user can customize the display of EMS events.
    • Skin – Select from available Skins. Note: User must 1st create a Skin, view Skins section for more details.
    • Template – Select from available templates. Note: User must 1st create a template, view Template section for more details.
    • Show Date – Toggle button (Yes/No). This will remove the DATE segment from the time stamp, additional text truncation may also be necessary to prevent line wrapping
    • Show Collector – Toggle button (Yes/No). On selecting this option, the collector of the EMS message will be displayed on Yes. The collector name will contain the resident name too.
    • Truncate Text – Toggle button (Yes/No). This option will just truncate text to prevent line wrapping.