Here information for a selected Disk is displayed for a given interval.

Main graph shows two metrics (Y1 and Y2) for the selected period, and highlights (X) a specific point in time, for which File activity is displayed on the grid below, with more disk level metrics displayed above the grid.

Toolbar on top allows selection of metrics to display on Y1 and Y2, as well as a calendar to select date periods.  Here is more detail:

  • Each list box (one on left, and another on right) offers the choice of following metrics:
    • Cache Hit Rate
    • Disk: Logical IO
    • Disk: Physical IO
    • DP2 Busy
    • File: Logical IO
    • File: Physical IO
    • Queue Length
  • Calendar allows you to select a date, and choose to see activity for:
    • 24 hours – By default, last 24 hours, when you first open this Window. Thereafter, when you click Prev or Next Buttons, a 24-hour period from beginning of each day.
    • Week – Sunday through Monday for the week of the day you select.
    • Month – Beginning to end (or current day) of the month for the day of the month you select.
  • Click on Next or Previous buttons to show the data for the next selected time period/
  • Dig icon, to ask for detail & specific DPA analyses. A new window is displayed:
    • Top bar shows a 60-minute timeline where the current interval is selected (red bar). Assuming your collection interval is less than 60 minutes, you may click on either side of the bar to expand the timeline in either direction and inside the bar to shrink it. Maximum allowed is 60 minutes to keep the report generation time within a reasonable period.
    • Select one or more of the available DPA Charts & Reports.
    • Select any one or more email addresses to send the analyses to.
    • Click on the Submit button to initiate the Analyses, which will be emailed upon completion.
  • Help icon. Displays this document.

On the list of busiest files, click on any File name to open and display its history over time.