Shows metrics for all Disks, and top files for each, for a selected interval.

A list box on top offers the following metrics to choose from:

  • Busiest File, Logical IO
  • Busiest File, Physical IO
  • Cache Hit Rate
  • DP2 Busy
  • Disk, Logical IO Rate
  • Disk, Physical IO Rate
  • Queue Length

Select an item, and the graph below it shows the top 10 (Exception: Cache Hits shows the bottom 10) matching Disks, and Others.  Click on any Disk on the graph to see its history/trend.

For each of the Disks on your NonStop Server, a row on the grid, below the graph shows:

  • Physical IOs per second
  • Logical IOs per second
  • Queue Length
  • Cache Hit Rate
  • % DP2 Busy
  • Busiest file, based on Physical IO, and its IO rate
  • Busiest file, based on logical IO, and its IO rate

Click on any file to see its history/trend.

On the top toolbar, click on:

  • Duplicate icon to duplicate the displayed Window. You may do this to enter different criteria, and view displayed information side by side on two separate windows.
  • Search, to change different date/time, or CPU, or all CPUs.
  • Scanner icon to scan for Files and Processes.