An Application is identified by its Producer/Developer (your company name as registered in RA), its name & version number.  The latter two are yours to define as you wish.  You will also set two other fields: 

  • Interval in seconds – This sets how often the metrics for this application should be collected on the Host Server. 
  • Retention in minutes – This sets the period of time the metrics should be kept in Host Collector module’s memory.  Note that optionally, you may export all such metrics to RA where they will be kept for years! 

These two settings are the initial recommended values for you set for this Application, per Host Server.  The user can later change these values on their Host, using Web ViewPoint Enterprise. 



On initial access you can see a list of previously defined Applications and Version.  This list can be sorted for any Column.   

Click on the Add button on the upper right toolbar to add a new Application. 

Note that once an Application is added, it can neither be edited or removed!