This is where you select which Analysts should have access to your Remote Analyst data.  List of companies is displayed on the left side of the right panel.  When you click on a company, list of the Analysts which have access to your systems’ metrics (on Remote Analyst) will be displayed on the right side.  To remove an Analyst, click on the Delete button next to her/is name.  Note that this removes the Analyst access from all your systems. 

List of companies and their analysts are maintained by Idelji Corporation.  Write if you have questions, or if you want a new Company and/or Analyst added.

To add an Analyst to have access to your data, click on the proper company, and then click on Add icon on the right side of the toolbar.  From here, select one or more from the list of displayed Analysts.

Note that an Analyst with access to your systems on Remote Analyst, has no access to any of the Admin features, except for scheduling reports for herself/himself.

Their purpose will be to do investigative and analyses work only.  They can review the metrics online, and ask to receive analysts on demand, or on scheduled.