This shows the filtered list of alarms that were generated in response to the alert profiles. The filter is based on the criteria selected/specified above.

  • Severity: Each row is color coded to represent the severity of the alert. Red – Major, Yellow – Minor.
  • Time: When the alarm was generated.
  • Entity:  The name of the entity for which the alarm was generated.
  • Metric: The metric whose value was breached.
  • Object: Name of the object that breached the threshold condition.
  • Expected: Specifies the threshold value (above or below) which the actual value should have been.
  • Actual: Specifies the value of the metric for the corresponding instance when the threshold was breached.

Click on any column heading to sort the list for that column. Click on the alarm entry to open a new Alert Detail Window to see more details.

In addition, a heat map is displayed at the top of the Alert Summary View. This provides an immediate visual summary of the major and/or minor alerts for the criteria selected above.