You may set Alert conditions for a variety of metrics and thresholds.  This is described in detail in Alert Section.  Once any of the thresholds are breached (and log is requested), Web ViewPoint E keeps full track of the incident.  It records:

  • When the breach occurred (once or repeated)
  • What the threshold and actual values were
  • Who was notified and/or when notification was forwarded to central monitoring (e.g. ServiceNow)
  • Record of any automated recovery action
  • If and when recovery took place
  • Whether the incident was escalated to others

You can review the activity by clicking on the Alert Log icon for any of the nodes.  A new window prompts you to select from the following search criteria:

  • When: Select a review period from date/time and optionally to date/time to specify the time period of the activity that you are interested in.
  • What
    • You can cast your net wide or zoom in on a specific instance. Select Any or only specific entity / metric / instance combination
  • Severity: Look for any or specific type of alert conditions: Minor / Major. At least one needs to be selected.
  • Notification / Escalation. You may choose to only search for alerts for which notification or escalation was sent to certain individuals or groups (e.g. Super.Oper, Super.*).


Click on Submit to open a list of matching Alerts in an Alert – Summary Window.